Let there be light

For many years now, seduced by the social media, I’ve been contributing content and stories so other people become rich and famous. Its true, we have taken the old habit of personal journals and decompose it by sharing the drunken side of us in Facebook, our professional achievements in Linkedin, our desires in Pinterest and photo memories in Instagram.

We are doing it for multiple reasons and motives, from not to feel alone, to show off, to apply some kind form of therapy by reading the reactions of followers the morning after.

There is some goodness in those social media, it makes us more aware of each other, that we play same stories but with different actors and in different settings. It creates a global conscience never seen before and positive messages can spread faster than ever before.

I can imagine a future archaeologist trying to compose the character and believes of a modern artist by collecting social media posts. Or for us, the common people, our grandchildren looking to find traits of their personality from the 1/16 that came from us.

In this interconnected world, the personal brand is also emerging. Who are you? What are your believes and theories for the world around you? What did you do in order to make this planet sustainable and save it from total annihilation?

There is also a new form of fascism out there, better organized and much more sophisticated. Can influence you by rearranging simply the mini feed of your favorite social media. Is what Chomsky will say as “manufacturing consent” and I will call is as “ubiquitous brainwashing”.

So I’m starting today this blog for those 3 reasons:

  1. Let my great-grandchild discover similarities in our thinking and behaviors
  2. Influence and inspire the world around me about an alternative future
  3. Fight what I find unjust and unfair

I will be sharing funny things about my life, like nice Greek recipes on how to make Gigantes and Souvlaki. My travel journeys and new experiences but also new ideas about products and innovations. Criticism and opinions on various things related to geopolitics or start-up adventures. In essence, I will be documenting my timeline and my perception on things and situations.

If you read these lines, I invite you to subscribe to my blog, engage into an intellectual debate or come often to enjoy my life failures and successes.

If you are my great-grandchild and hopefully carry my name, I want to tell you that I love you.


Sotirios Makrygiannis

Learn fast and adapt


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