The state of the American soul

Every morning I’m checking the Social media to see what is the public sentiment around Today I was also tempted to check what is going on in USA Elections and found out this interesting video of Trump in Florida, campaigning of course.

One could ask why this is significant, if you are Pink Floyd fan most likely you will get it after playing 2-3 times. But if you are not, let me explain.

The Wall

In 1982, Pink Floyd made the movie the wall. The film centres around a confined rocker named Floyd “Pink” Pinkerton who, after being driven into insanity by the death of his father and many depressive moments during his lifetime, constructs a metaphorical (and sometimes physical) wall to be protected from the world and emotional situations around him. (source Wikipedia)

Sounds familiar?

At least once in your lifetime, you heard the song “The Wall” by Pink Floyd but maybe now is time to see the full movie as well. Here some video clips that resemble, I think as European, Trump’s campaigning style.
Pink Floyd: Are they any XXX on the crowd?

Donald Trump: Punch him in the face

Those two are almost identical.
Pink Floyd are internationally known; millions of kids and adults have grown up listening to their songs and in many cases misunderstood them. They don’t say that we don’t need education, they say that we don’t need NO education. The images from their videos are seen by the millions, and now, in my belief, the same images are projected back to the American soul.

What about Money? Trump’s favourite song from Pink Floyd

The Soul, An Image, A modern Archetype

Are the American people traumatized? I think they are, with all those wars and violence, who wouldn’t?
Are the American people driven to insanity? I believe they are; Prozac sales are on the roof, and the lack of a socialist system makes their capitalism the worst of its kind. Forget the success stories, look down to the poor, and there you will find the truth.

So if you are traumatised and hurt what do you do? You build a wall, not for the Mexicans but for your own soul.

Of course, the movie has a semi-happy ending with the TRIAL, not of Hillary Clinton, but for cleansing his soul, and then the wall breaks. Hopefully, with Trump or Hilary, it would not explode in a nuclear fashion.
I don’t like to get political, I’m just speaking out because I see similarities between this campaign to the movies and songs that I grew up with. Sadly they are used by the demagogue, in precisely the same way portrayed in the film. American soul needs cleansing, I suggest Scandinavian Socialism and at least once a month, Sauna.


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