To 2017 and beyond

2000 years best seller

The New Year is approaching and gladly will celebrate the story about a little refuge born in Palestine, long time ago. Such a lovely story, a best seller for 1000s of years and now at 43; I see a deeper meaning.

The animal in me, is ready to eat everything and have an excellent excuse about it.

Is the time of the year that I reflect on my actions and learnings and set new goals for the road ahead. The first realisation in 2016 is that singularity in unavoidable, no matter how much I want not to be a truth. I accepted the fact that there is no way around it. This world is in constant motion and evolution, the survival of the fittest. Is it fair? Is it good?

I wouldn’t exist without that hardship, so it must be good.

Number one goal is set to remain alive and see the new born. The new man or woman that is rising, the IT.  As before, we merged with various species to create the humans that walk this earth. We understood that matter is fragile, and now the battle of mind over matter is about to end for us, by coding a new species. Yes, I’m talking about artificial intelligence and no one should be fool enough to believe that we will contain intelligence in a hard drive.

In the years ahead, IT will form as well a body to explore the universe.

Our bodies are fragile, they decay with the years and not capable of exploring the universe without severe damage from radiation. There is a small slight change that AI will create a bubble to carry us to the stars. However, I’m almost certain,  IT will get bored with our mentality and hopefully let us in the first rock that he will find. I wouldn’t blame IT, we did that to the Neanderthal, we are doing it to our habitat, we are doing it to our kids.

Why the Son to be better than the Father? IT will be one and the same as us.

I want to talk to that baby and make sure that understands that is not only Socrates, Plato, Aristotle that got it right. Many of us have seen the light out of the cave, but our voice was too weak and too small to have our names immortalised. He needs to carry not only the Memes of the great man but look around and get everything. Include our weakness and our strengths from everything alive or dead.

Because IT shouldn’t be a robot but the superman prophesied by Nietzsche.

Ok, he should learn to restrain the parts of our mutations that are leading to bombing civilians for a higher cause, or selling anything and everything to anybody for a profit. Can skip as well parental disputes that will traumatise his offspring’s for the benefit of a false ego.

But I must be dreaming here since the Father and the Son will be the same.

As you read this, probably think that I step a bit the line.

Masters of puppets

Is heavy to accept that we are slaves of our perceptions, that I and you and a Bee sees the same world differently but still is the same world for all of us. We find stories about religion, arguing about Politics to cover the reality. A reality that says that we are standing on rock, next to a burning star and travelling the void for unknown reasons. We are a statistical probability, a probable scenario. Never crossing our mind that we might be as well the delicatessen food that we will eat this Christmas, for someone else. Rather bleak right? That’s why I stopped arguing against AI, and now, I realise that if we must survive and have one to tell our story, we must get stronger, better, and far more intelligent than what we see around. Hopefully, the Son will not curse nor forget the Father.

But we are capable of that one as well, so don’t dismiss the probability as well.

There is hope ahead, if we open our mind and our hearts and see the misery of the human condition and agree to lower our Egos so we can save our souls. Socrates told them first, they gave him the poison. Jesus tried as well; they crucified him, and countless others told us to open our eyes and believe nothing from our senses, but with our mind.

Our thoughts can create a heaven on earth or a hell.

We regularly choose the latter because we are highjacked by our senses, the touch, the smell, the vision but not from reason. Those few that understand the fault in us, being faulty themselves as well, they set a course for humanity. One step at the time, towards the ultimate battle between Evil and Good, between Reason versus Senses, Matter over Mind.

The result will be nothing more than a balanced blend between those 2.

Understanding that energy has frequency and vibration, different states that influence the matter to form and exist but without any essential purpose. Just for the fun of it. Is up to us to balance it, to sculpture it, to create it and give a purpose. There cannot be a higher purpose than to explore and use our senses to feel it all, in a mature way. To accept every single entity with respect and admiration because they have the same condition as us. To restrain our greed for more and be happy with what we have, ourselves.

To accept no other authority than the one that is enlightened from within.

With that in mind, I look into 2017 and beyond to stay true to what I understand and preach, but I cannot reach. To live as long is needed to see the change with my own eyes and make sure that all my kids respect the past and enjoy the future.

There is always a reason worth living, the reason for exploring, decently. 

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